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Sally's Story

Sally (not real name) presented to our Outreach services. Her visa had expired, and her asylum claim was still pending so she had had no recourse to public funds (including housing or benefits). Sally had a range of high-risk health concerns and needed accommodation urgently. Goleudy’s Outreach staff supported Sally to make enquiries with the Home Office and identified that an application to be considered for accommodation with National Asylum Support Service (NASS) could be submitted whilst Sally waited for her asylum decision.

Sally was supported to access the Emergency Bed at our rapid rehousing project where she had access to shower, toilet, and laundry facilities as well as food to ensure her safety and wellbeing. Sally was linked in with the Ethnic Minorities Youth Support Team (EYST) who assisted her in completing the application for accommodation. Goleudy continued to support Sally by allocating her the Emergency Bed until it was confirmed that she was being moved into a NASS property where she would stay until the decision on her claim was made.

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