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Swansea Community Fridge exists to distribute fresh food that would otherwise go to waste, for free, to the Community. It reduces food waste and is open to all.

Accessing the Community Fridge during Covid-19 Pandemic

Our Community Fridge has had to adapt to the unprecedented global crisis. See our Twitter and Instagram accounts for more information on opening times. 

The Fridge remains open but we will now be distributing ready-made up Food Parcels with produce from the Fridge. We have also set up our Community Pantry to distribute store-cupboard goods and hygiene products in the same way. See links below.

We appreciate that not everybody will be able to leave the house at this time, so people will be able to pick up on your behalf, whether they’re friends, family or community volunteers.

What is the Community Fridge?

In spite of a growing awareness of food waste, families in the UK still throw away an average of £810 worth of food per year, while food businesses discard around £3 billion worth.  The Community Fridge is an increasingly popular means for reducing this waste, while also benefitting communities and tackling food poverty. The fridge is for retail businesses, restaurants and individual people to share surplus food that is edible and would otherwise go to waste. Currently, we are only able to accept food donations from retail and commercial businesses.  All we ask is that visitors only take what they need. 

Over the short time we’ve been open, this has been a hugely successful project.  Within our first year of operating, we diverted over 12 tonnes of food from landfill and have been assisting over 100 people per week, many of whom would otherwise have difficulty accessing fresh produce.

We have also established a range of partnerships with other agencies who work with those experiencing social exclusion or financial hardship, which has helped us to reach those who may well need our services the most.

To find out more about our services and how they might benefit you or your community, please visit the services section below.

Where does this fit in with Goleudy?

As an organisation that endeavours to improve the livelihood and wellbeing of those who experience profound social exclusion, we believe that this initiative could help to improve the lives of those who experience food poverty, by offering healthy food sources, while also making positive steps towards sustainability within the community.

Get Involved

At the Community Fridge, we are very lucky to have an amazing team of staff and volunteers but we’re always looking for an extra pair of hands in the fight against food waste. 

We have a variety of volunteer roles, including collectors, customer assistants, stock/packing assistants and social media volunteers.  Whether you’re interested in an existing role or you feel as though there’s something you can bring to the table, please email communityfridge@goleudy.org for further details.


To increase our potential for waste reduction and maximise benefit to the community, all of our Community Fridge services are completely free of charge.  

However, if you do want to make a contribution, we do accept donations, both through our “Pay As You Feel” box on site and the Goleudy JustGiving page

This will help us to keep the project running and to further develop our services, which benefit hundreds of people and contribute to a better environment for the local community.

Terms of Use

There are no pre-qualifying criteria for any Community Fridge services.  All we ask is that you only take what you need. The service is completely free of charge, though if you do want to make a contribution, we do accept donations.  This will help us to keep the project running and to further develop our services.

Many of the items we offer may have passed their ‘best before’ date but not their ‘use by’ date. This is a mark of quality, rather than an expiration date, so these items will most likely still be safe to eat. However, we would like to note that the customer accepts responsibility for ensuring that any food they take is safe to eat and ask that you take the time to read our disclaimer.


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