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Steve Flatt - A Summary of Goleudys Research

7 July 2020

Goleudy and Research

Occasionally the planets align and a whole group of disparate resources come together in one single place. When the Psychological Therapies Unit and the University of Liverpool Management School began to work with Goleudy there occurred one of those rare and joyful alignments.

We have done a number of different pieces of research with the clients and staff of Goleudy but perhaps one of the most spectacular has been a qualitative analysis and service evaluation conducted by Chloe Spencer, a PhD student and researcher working within the University of Liverpool Management School.

The paper, “An Evaluation of Tenancy Support and Mental Health Service Experience Using the Trajectory Touchpoint Technique”, is an important change in the way that services are examined and tested for efficacy. Goleudy provided a perfect opportunity to not only add to the body of work validating the technique but was also a good match as charity’s client group is difficult to reach and engage.

The technique itself uses pictures rather than text to help each client explore their experience of Goleudy’s services and support. The pictures enabled the client to remember what happened and give them an opportunity to express their journey with Goleudy in their own words.

The outcomes were rich indeed. Because the people interviewed were not limited by words, we got some very interesting insights into just how different Goleudy is from other services. Also, its commitment to a Solution Focused approach, which is about what is wanted rather than traditional approaches that seek to reduce distress, has clearly paid dividends when we look at the results.

Almost universally the feedback was positive with constructive criticism where it was deserved. All Goleudy staff have had some training in the approach and consequently work very differently by seeking to actively increase wellbeing through helping each individual notice the success and progress they achieved and building upon it.

It is a delight to work with all the Goleudy team and we look forward to having many more conversations, doing research with them and enhancing the lives of everyone associated with Goleudy whoever they are and whatever role they have in the organisation going forward.

Steve Flatt

Owner of Psychological Therapies Unit and Honorary Researcher with Liverpool University

  • Accredited member of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies, (BABCP)
  • Accredited member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)


'An Evaluation of Tenancy Support and Mental Health Service Experience Using the Trajectory Touchpoint Technique'

MRes Dissertation, (Unpublished), University of Liverpool

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