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Jamie's Story

Jamie (not real name) joined ROADS (Goleudy’s Recovery Orientated Alcohol and Drug Support project) as he had been homeless for some time and had spent many a night on Swansea beach. Jamie was struggling with alcohol use and would regularly binge drink. Once in the project staff alongside Jamie identified areas that he needed support in and ways to develop new skills to manage his accommodation. Jamie engaged in regular support sessions and engaged in other specialist services to help him manage his health

Goleudy Support Workers supported Jamie in successfully applying for a bus pass which enabled him to get around the local area. As his confidence grew Jamie became interested in volunteering and he volunteered in the area.

As Jamie’s health declined, he became unable to stay in his accommodation, so Goleudy staff worked with him to access alternative accessible accommodation. He was successful in his application and moved on to more appropriate independent living.

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