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Goleudy Calls on Talented Local Artist to Mark 2022 Staff Conference

20 June 2022

'Light breaks where no sun shines' - Goleudy Conference 2022.


To mark the occasion of our first in person conference in over 2 years we enlisted the help of local artist Sara Holden to create something special for Team Goleudy. Sara has previously worked with Goleudy on our Connect project.

For her beautiful depiction of Mumbles Lighthouse Sara used natural materials such as sand, shells and pebbles to create this site-specific mosaic style artwork at Black Pill Beach. For this piece of environmental art, the beach location was carefully selected because of its flat, smooth sandy shore, as well as the range of different sized, coloured, shaped and textured types of shells found here that were used as materials to create the lighthouse artwork. These included white ridged cockle shells, blue-grey oyster shells and blue-black mussel shells. When making a large-scale artwork such as this, the sourcing of enough found materials to create the patterns, shape and textures of the chosen subject, as well as working with the best light, weather and tides, is a prime consideration.

Once completed, the artwork was photographed using a wide-angle lens with a stepladder to gain height above it and produce a reticulated photograph with all parts of the design in proportion and on an even plane. With a rising high tide approaching, the work was then left exposed to the elements of the sea, weather and time.

What a fantastic way to mark our 'Light breaks where no sun shines' 2022 conference using the image of a lighthouse as seen in our company logo.


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