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Ty Tom Jones

7 July 2020

Ty Tom Jones – rapidly implemented Swansea service in partnership with Pobl and The Wallich

In May 2020, Ty Tom Jones opened its doors. A rapidly implemented project in response to the Covid-19 crisis which saw an urgent need for more accommodation, Ty Tom will act as a bridge for those leaving temporary accommodation (B&B and direct-access Hostels) and moving on into a more secure home.

Goleudy works with The Wallich, Swansea Council and Pobl to deliver the service at Ty Tom Jones, aiming to break the cycle of homelessness.

The building itself was refurbished by the council is owned by housing association Pobl. It was a 'World Habitat' award finalist in 1998 when it was first opened and seeks to avoid the typical institutional features of a hierarchy of corridors, stairs and lobbies. The converted listed building has a unique interior design with an indoor “street” with flats, offices, and open spaces - all residents have access to cooking facilities and an en-suite bathroom. 

Together Goleudy and The Wallich deliver specialist support to the individuals living at the project, including access to support around physical health, harm reduction, counselling, budgeting, and mental wellbeing. Staff will work with individuals to ensure that when they are ready to move on into their own home, they are ready for that move. Goleudy are proud of the partnership working in Swansea which has brought this project from design to delivery in a short period of time to respond to the Covid-19  crisis. 

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