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New Integrated Housing Support Service in Carmarthenshire

7 July 2020

On July 1st Goleudy opened a new service in Carmarthenshire in partnership with Pobl.

The service aims to support individuals over 25 who have offended or are at risk of offending. It will support individuals who may have recently left prison and may experience mental health or substance use difficulties. The service will provide different levels of support and accommodation options to support individuals to break the cycles of offending and homelessness.

There will be four beds at Pobl’s Furnace Banc in Carmarthen with on-site staff members providing 24-hour support, 7 days a week. Meanwhile, there will be another four beds intended as temporary move-on accommodation. Goleudy’s Community Housing properties in Llanelli will provide community-based accommodation with access to staff support during the day, and access to out of hours On Call support as needed.

Goleudy and Pobl will work in collaboration with Probation, Mental Health, and Substance Use services in the area to ensure that there is a multi-agency, psychologically informed approach to supporting individuals – one that allows individuals to identify and build on their own strengths and resources.

All referrals for the new service are via Carmarthenshire Housing Options, where referrals will be discussed at a newly formed Joint Allocations Panel alongside Probation and Housing First Providers Hafan Cymru and Nacro. 

Goleudy are excited to be working in partnership with and supporting Pobl to take this service forward.

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